Stainless steel banding is just one component of the effective system that has multiple uses across industry. Of course, it’s crucial that the banding is properly secured and for that you need to buckle up! Stainless steel banding is secured using ear-lokt buckles, which are an essential component of the Bandfix® system.

Stainless steel buckles from us deliver safe, strong fastening of sign banding. Our buckles, supplied in convenient boxes of 100, are universal and can be used with other brands of stainless steel banding outside of the Bandfix® collection. The product is supplied with strict adherence to all relevant health, safety and quality directives and you are guaranteed a highly competitive price from BS Fixings.

Grade 201

  • Ideal for general use, particularly sign fixing
  • Designed to withstand moderately corrosive environments
  • Available in four standard sizes - 10mm, 13mm, 16mm & 19mm

Grade 304

  • More resistant to corrosion than grade 201
  • Suited to use in strongly-corrosive environments
  • Available in two standard sizes: 13mm & 19mm

Grade 316

  • Our toughest stainless steel buckle
  • Ideal for extreme environments, particularly marine
  • Available in two standard sizes - 13mm & 19mm

Bandfix® Stainless Steel sign banding from BS Fixings combines a light weight and exceptional flexibility with unrivalled strength and a truly-competitive price. Even if you choose to use stainless steel banding from a different supplier, be sure to choose stainless steel buckles from BS Fixings to ensure a secure, lasting result every time.

From securing signs to facilitating cable management, stainless steel banding is the perfect solution and we are always able to quickly and efficiently meet the unique requirements of your company.