With Christmas fast approaching, you might be turning your thoughts to preparing for Christmas and the unenviable task of putting up your Christmas decorations. Whether you are in charge of a whole town display, or just a small arrangement, you will know how important it is to use the best fixings available to protect your displays and ensure they stay securely in place over the festive period.


With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of our favourite fixing clamps, the Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamp, which we believe is perfect for securing your decorations in place. This sturdy clamp is sold in a range of sizes from 70mm to 340mm and is sold individually, so you only have to buy exactly what you need, and with its unique seven-sided tamper-resistant socket, you can rest assured that your decorations will be as secure as they can be.


If you need a little more convincing, here are a few more reasons why the Tamtorque sign-fixing clamp should be on your Christmas list!


Ease of use

Tamtorque Sign Fixing Clamps are made to be user-friendly and only require one person to install them. You can watch this video which shows you just how easy they are to set up and use.


A patented auto-locking safety buckle ensures the free end of the band is kept safe and tidy. Another big plus is they do not have any sharp edges like other banding systems because they don’t need to be cut to size. No sharp edges mean they are less likely to snag or cut.



They are manufactured from high-strength stainless steel and feature a hardened tamper-resistant screw.

Tamtorque is unchallenged by other types of sign-fixing clamps due to their strength. Tests have shown that Tamtorque sign fixing clamps can take up to 1 ton of weight, meaning they are extremely reliable for varying types of fixing jobs. This makes them perfect for fastening bigger signs, street furniture such as waste bins, and other mountable equipment even in windy conditions.



Tamtorque sign fixing clamps are tamper-resistant featuring a seven-sided socket and can only be fastened and loosened by a specific Tamtorque screw bit. This means that the opportunist thief is unlikely to have the correct tool in their arsenal, leaving them less able to loot the clamp, or more importantly anything the clamp is fixing in place.



These clamps can be fastened, loosened, moved, or removed very easily using the special tool and because of their excellent durability can be reused time and time again!

As you can see, all the features mentioned above mean Tamtorque fixing clamps are a great investment.

We recommend these clamps because they are a sturdy, reliable option for fixing various types of signs, mountable equipment, and even street furniture to a wide variety of posts, whether they are round, square, or hexagonal – In fact they will clamp to almost any unusually shaped post.


Essential Tools

Here at BS Fixings, we stock the necessary tools to fit and loosen the clamps.

Tamtorque T-Bar Driver Tool Tamtorque T-Bar Driver Tool disconnected

The Tamtorque T-Bar Driver Tool is a manual screwdriver-type tool with a specific 7-sided socket bit that is specifically made for Tamtorque sign fixing clamps.

Tamtorque Driver Power Bit

If you own a drill and would prefer a fastening method that may take a little less wrist work, we suggest the Tamtorque Driver Power Bit. Much like the driver tool, they have the same 7-sided shape to fit any Tamtorque-specific socket. We only sell these drill bits alongside clamps because we want to make sure that this bit is being purchased for banding tasks.

We hope that you feel more familiar with how the Tamtorque banding system works and how beneficial Tamtorque is for any sign-fixing task you may have! If you would like any more information, we invite you to contact us via phone on 03330 117818 or via email at info@bsfixings.co.uk.