If you're the type of creative person who likes to be kept busy and productive, the long hours and days of lockdown can be especially frustrating. Never fear: BS Fixings is here with your new lockdown hobby! Using stainless steel wire to create works of art can be incredibly rewarding and we can quickly supply you with the best quality materials to use.

Stainless steel sculpting wire from BS Fixings is used by a number of high-profile, award-winning artists like Candice Bees and Robin Wight. Robin uses the material to create stunning sculptures of fairies and other mythical creatures, while Candice's work is firmly rooted in reality, depicting wild animals with remarkable accuracy. Candice was recently commissioned by our parent company BS Stainless to sculpt a life-sized wolf using our stainless steel wire: the sculpture has been taken to various trade events around the world, where it has received unanimous praise.

Though our sculpting wire is extremely strong and durable, it is also soft and easily malleable by the human hand. It can be shaped into anything that the creative mind can conceive, making it an ideal material for the purposes of artistic expression. For people just starting out, we highly recommend our bestselling Sculpting Wire Multi-Pack.

The Sculpting Wire Multi-Pack from BS Fixings contains three 1kg coils of stainless steel wire in an increasing range of thicknesses (0.7mm, 1.0mm and 1.6mm). All of the wire is made from Grade 304 stainless steel, a material that incorporates chromium to improve its already-excellent resistance to corrosion: this makes it ideal for outdoor usage.

We also supply single coils of sculpting wire in a number of different thicknesses and grades of stainless or galvanised steel. Check out our website to discover your full range of options. Made something using our stainless steel wire? Please send us photos and you could soon be featuring in your very own BS Fixings blog article!