Birds are commonly referred to as our ‘feathered friends’ though if they choose your chimney as their love-nest you might think they’re more like FIENDS. If they decide to start a little feathered family, then you might well end up using many other words beginning with F, like falling finances, frantic frustration and… well you know the fifth!

Though you may not think of your chimney from one year to the next, the birds could have a very different view. Your chimney could be prime real estate for a nesting bird and that could cause you a lot of problems - here’s how to avoid it with a little help from BS Fixings and Bluebird Fixings.

To stop birds nesting in your chimney, you need a galvanised wire balloon. For an extremely small initial investment, you could save yourself thousands of pounds and more importantly, potentially your life. House fires can easily be caused due to unnecessary nesting. Easily inserted into chimneys, the wire balloons are available in a full range of sizes and can also be used to protect gutters from blockages. Wire balloons from Bluebird Fixings are:

  • Manufactured from galvanised steel which is tough, long-lasting and extremely resistant to anything the Great British weather can throw at it
  • CE-approved and appropriately marked, proving consistent high quality across the board
  • Designed to prevent nest debris falling into the grate and posing a fire risk as well as the chimney becoming blocked and allowing a potentially fatal buildup of toxic fumes
  • Easily bent, shaped and formed to fit into any size and shape of space while retaining 100% functionality

So if you do hear the new chicks tweeting, make sure you don't hear it coming from your chimney. Prevent the issue before it occurs and becomes a crisis – choose galvanised wire balloons manufactured by Bluebird Fixings and brought to you by BS Fixings. Speaking of tweets, are you following us on Twitter yet?