Steel banding completely revolutionised the methodology of countless industries, offering a reliable and versatile fastening solution that continues to be improved to this day. For many applications, stainless steel banding is used in conjunction with stainless steel clips and closed seals - these tiny but immensely-powerful components dramatically increase the versatility of banding, delivering complete optimum performance every time.

Often put to heavy-duty uses in the oil & gas industries, such as securing metal jacketing insulation, stainless steel banding is known for its superior strength. For lighter work, such as securing cargo or sign fixing, it is the material’s innate flexibility that is the most highly-regarded quality. When banding boxes or when fixing a sign to a standard-shaped post, using stainless steel buckles is usually sufficient. It is when you are faced with irregularly-shaped cargo or fixing posts that stainless steel seals and clips will provide the solution.

Luckily, cargo often comes in a geometrically-neat pile just ready for banding to be fit flush around and secured with a buckle - boxes, sheet metal and crates stack neatly together and the flat surfaces are perfect for banding to rest comfortably against. When it isn’t this way - for example if you wish to band pallets, scrap metal or lumber - the whole system can quickly fail; when one piece of banded material works loose, the rest is sure to soon follow.

Projects that utilise light-gauge banding are often too much of a challenge for ordinary buckles. Clips can be applied using a hammer, making certain the the stainless steel strapping is positioned correctly and cannot be moved. The cargo or sign is held firmly and will arrive intact at its destination, where it can be safely unpacked by workers without fear of injury from sharp, burred edges.

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